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Audit & Risk Summit

So when "Good enough" doesn’t keep your firm competitive anymore, How can you prepare now to make sure your organisation stays successful in the future!!

Audit Summit 2017 is a power pack of Strategic Planning and Networking - All resulting in action plans and steps to make effective change in your organisation where you need it the most. At the end of the summit, you’ll be ready to tackle challenges and take the right actions to stay ahead of the fast-moving audit profession.

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Key themes to be addressed:

Discover the effect of Digital Revolution on Risk and Audit and learn new technologies to mitigate digital risks

Identify the IT audit risks coming in and the need to ensure more reliable and secure IT systems

Discover the benefits Proactive model of risk identification and how this could be effectively used in your organisation

Move one step ahead heading towards making yourself a Strategic Internal Auditor

Explore how Artificial Intelligence could be used in Making Auditing more Easier

Who will you meet at the Audit & Risk Summit 2017?

Hear and network with some of Indian leading demand planning professionals in the roles of:


VP and Heads of Audit Function


Chief Audit Executives


Fraud and Forensic Investigators


Internal Auditors


External Auditors

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